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2 Oct 2010
Fall IAGC/OGP Joint HSSE & Security Forum, November 2010

Fall IAGC/OGP joint HSSE & Security Forum is open to IAGC and OGP members, E&P companies, subcontractors and service suppliers and provides an opportunity for the seismic community to interact and share information/ updates on specific HSSE topics, in addition to the following discussions:

  • Updates and Progress on Issues Worked both Separately and Collaboratively
  • Opportunities to Identify and Prioritise New and Current Issues
  • Process for Advancing the Priorities
  • Land & Marine Step Change in Safety
  • Marine Environment
  • Updates from IAGC and OGP Subcommittee and Workgroups
  • High Potential Incidents - Presented by HSSE professionals and operations managers

The Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) is the voice of the global upstream industry.  Oil and gas continue to provide a significant proportion of the world’s energy to meet growing demands for heat, light and transport.

Its members produce more than half of the world’s oil and over a third of its gas.  They operate in all producing regions:  the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Caspian, the Arctic, Asia and Australia. The OGP serves industry regulators as a global partner for improving safety, environmental and social performance.  We also act as a uniquely upstream forum in which our Members identify and share knowledge and good practices to achieve improvements in health, safety, the environment, security and social responsibility.

The Geo People is a member of the IAGC and Andrea Collins will be attending this event, should you wish to discuss any of these issues with her.

Fall IAGC/OGP joint HSSE & Security Forum - Tuesday 2 November 08:30 to Wednesday 3 November 17:30 BST at WesternGeco offices, Gatwick, UK

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