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11 Sep 2015
The Geo People attends UK PAM course to benefit MMO selection

The Geo People’s Andrea Collins has recently attended a three-day passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) course in Devon, UK, greatly improving the TGP selection process for PAM personnel for hydrocarbon and renewable energy projects.

Completion of the PAM course requires two days of theory and one day at sea, to practice hands-on, the installation and use of the PAM equipment. On this occasion, whilst out at sea, nothing was heard, excepting the ship’s own noise and that of other ships passing. However, a lone bottle nose dolphin was observed from the vessel.

The PAM course highlights the importance of MMO when protected species are present and are not vocal. The course was especially useful in allowing The Geo People to understand the role of PAM operators and the challenges that the operators face when offshore.

The Geo People says thank you to Seiche for allowing us to attend this course. Andrea demostrated her interest by consequently qualifying as a PAM operator.

It is clear that a certain type of person is required to be effective as a PAM operator. The insight acquired from being on this course has contributed towards The Geo People’s selection process of PAM personnel for hydrocarbon and renewable energy projects.

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