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17 Dec 2015
PESGB President’s Evening highlights key industry themes for seismic

The Geo People was at the heart of much industry activity when attending the PESGB President’s Evening at the Museum of London, on Thursday 10th December.

The PESGB was established in 1964 and is run by a volunteer Executive Council. The Council is elected by the members and each Council Member is on the Council for two years. The President’s Evening is a well established fundraising event that was extremely well attended and allowed colleagues from various industry disciplines an opportunity to meet and informally discuss present issues within oil & gas.

The PESGB President has highlighted issues and notable events that the PESGB have recently addressed, namely:

  • That the success of the PESGB Africa Conference demonstrated the continuing exploration allure of a continent that has its fair share of challenges, both technical but perhaps more importantly political. Despite these challenges and coupled with low oil prices, the industry sees tremendous opportunities. The key attraction being the relatively unexplored nature of many of the basins and the chance of finding truly huge hydrocarbon resources as demonstrated very recently with Eni in Egypt, Cairn in Senegal and Kosmos in Mauritania.
  • The Petroleum Geology of Europe Conference has focused on the deepening understanding of the petroleum geology of our core producing basins; supporting both reservoir management and the search for new exploration plays.
  • In October 2015, the PESGB hosted the first training session for the ‘Exploration Game’. Around 20 people were taught how to run the game and have gone out equipped to run the game in schools, universities and communities. The game is an accessible way of building an understanding of petroleum exploration and the interaction between geoscience and luck in creating commercial value.
  • A PESGB membership survey shows that over 90% of membership are very happy with the services that the PESGB provides – leading to a possible conclusion of don’t change anything. However digging deeper, the survey responses provide some telling insights of how the society should evolve to reflect the changing nature of our membership base.
  • September 2015 saw the PESGB involved in two very successful conferences, the Africa Conference and the Petroleum Geology of Europe. Both, very successful examples of the PESGB’s core service of providing low cost technically strong conferences.

The objective of the Society is to promote, for the public benefit, education in the scientific and technical aspects of petroleum exploration. Active membership is open to any person who holds at least a Bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognised institute, college or university in a science subject which is relevant to exploring for and producing hydrocarbons, such as, but not limited to, Geology, Geophysics, and related science or engineering subjects.

The Geo People is a PESGB Sustaining Member.

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