The Geo People
26 Jan 2016
The Geo People shapes new environment guidelines

The Geo People is pleased to report its major role developing new environmental management guidelines for the oil & gas industry.

Key resources for The Geo People, Dr Andrea Collins (Geo), Rob Falls (HSSE) and Leslie Greenhalgh (HSSE) are contributing jointly to the development of environmental management guidelines for seismic field operations, with focus on the planning and pre-planning stages.

The present IOGP environmental guidelines required updating to reflect current practice in the field. Therefore, our task is to improve them. This project is still underway and will hopefully be completed by July 2016.

In addition to The Geo People's professional services for health and safety, our company provides environmental consultancy to conserve constructively the environment, with proof for the client that the environmental impact of seismic or other surveys is minimised.

The Geo People belongs to trade organisations that meet regularly to discuss current issues concerning the environment and corporate responsibility and whose objectives are to improve standards internationally.

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