The Geo People
17 Mar 2017
The Geo People shows its expertise for 4D seismic

The Geo People is pleased to confirm that it has already this year started two 4D seismic projects using both towed streamer and Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) acquisition techniques.

For these projects, we are supplying specialist survey QC, project management, Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) operators, PAM equipment, and PAM training in what are both highly interesting and complex surveys.

The Geo People's top survey QCs are being used for these operations — those with great experience not only in 4D surveying but also with people management and who show a genuine interest in the projects' success.

Compared with current best industry practice, baseline surveys can often be poorly sampled. In addition, offset distribution and fold of coverage can also fall short of current standards. To overcome these faults, The Geo People, in conjunction with its partners, re-processes the baseline seismic data using current techniques to achieve a significantly better comparison between the baseline and monitor data.

We look forwards to achieving a cost-effective solution for all your new or old 4D seismic projects. Please click here for full details of The Geo People's 4D seismic services.

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