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20 Mar 2008
International Energy Consulting Organisation (IECO) becomes new professional body for seismic consultancies

The leading energy consulting companies are pleased to announce the formation of a new professional body, operating as a forum for all companies and individuals providing consultancy as their core business, within the many fields of geoscience survey and HSE within the Energy industry. The Organisation is aimed at those companies that engage consultants primarily for field-related activities.

The organisation will be known as IECO (International Energy Consultants Organisation) and has fifteen founding member companies.

The Energy Consulting industry faces many significant issues, both internally and in our wider relations with clients and contractors. IECO will allow us to debate these issues and to put forward solutions and present a common front that will give added leverage from being a member of IECO. IECO has already identified topics, including how to attract younger people to address the ageing demographics in our industry and improvements in standardising contractual terms and conditions.

IECO is now actively recruiting members. We invite all those who provide in-field geosciences, survey and HSE consultancy services to the energy industry to add your voice to the debates and to the development of our organisation.

IECO meetings will be held quarterly and be hosted by member companies at various locations around the UK and internationally. Although video-conferencing is the choice made by many, holding the meetings nationally and internationally means that all members have a better chance of being able to attend in person.

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