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19 Aug 2007
EAGE, IAGC & OGP Joint Global HSE Forum Meeting, Gatwick, UK, 19-20 September, 2007

IAGC Global HSE Forum Gatwick 2007, took place 
19-20 September at Sofitel, Gatwick, UK. 

The health, safety, security and the environment (HSSE) of people involved with geophysical activities are key reasons for the existence of the IAGC.

The Association’s mission, memorialized in its bylaws, is “to optimize the business climate and commercial health of the geophysical industry and to promote the conduct of business in a professional, safe and environmentally responsible manner.” Likewise, the IAGC’s vision is also in the bylaws and directs “the development and promotion of standards and best practices.”

The IAGC provides a setting for member companies to address issues of industry importance in a collective and collaborative environment for the benefit of everyone. The ultimate aim is to achieve step-change improvement in HSSE performance in worldwide geophysical operations.

The IAGC has representatives from all major geophysical contractors, including land, marine, electromagnetic, gravity, and magnetic who are focused on being proactive in the areas of HSSE. Our members meet on a quarterly basis to share, review and discuss the latest HSSE issues and decide which and how each should be addressed. The IAGC develops guidance documents that address security issues impacting the industry. It also supports and contributes to the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) guidance documents.

The Association identifies and prioritizes land and marine environmental issues that should be addressed collectively and collaboratively to the benefit of all members. A key product for the IAGC is its Environmental Compliance Manual for Worldwide Operations. This manual provides guidance for various geophysical operations including land, marine, transition zone and airborne techniques. It covers operations phases such as planning and implementation and monitoring as well as environmental management and auditing and review.

The Geo People would like to thank you all for making us so welcome at the forum. Thanks, also, to the contractors for making their speeches on the state of the industry and for discussing current issues, it was great to meet old and new faces again. The Geo People is an active member of the IAGC.

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