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8 Oct 2006
The Geo People at Exploring Atlantic Ireland, 2006

The Geo People will be exhibiting at booth #1 at Exploring Atlantic Ireland Conference in Dublin, Ireland 8-9 November, 2006. The conference is to take place at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin. We look forward to seeing you there.

Exploring Atlantic Ireland... An exciting petroleum province. Exploring Atlantic Ireland is a major conference and exhibition organised in partnership with the Petroleum Affairs Division of Ireland’s Department of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources. The conference is supported by the Petroleum Infrastructure Programme, the PESGB, the Irish branch of the Energy Institute and the Ireland Newfoundland Partnership (INP). The conference and exhibition is timed to coincide with the popular Energy Institute (Irish branch) dinner, which takes place at the conference venue on the evening of Day 1 (Wednesday 8th).

The North Atlantic Petroleum SystemsThe North Atlantic offers great potential in terms of hydrocarbon opportunities. This conference will look at the North Atlantic as a whole and look at the potential of resources in Irish waters in the context of geological data from Canadian, Norwegian, and UK waters. Speakers include technical experts from each of the regions within the North Atlantic and delegates will be able to get an insight into the hydrocarbon potential of Atlantic Ireland in a wider context. The waters west of Ireland contain several large sedimentary basins, broadly similar geologically to basins of the Atlantic Margins of Norway, UK and Canada. The principal basins that make up the Atlantic Ireland area, the Porcupine, Rockall, Slyne, Erris and Donegal basins, are under-explored with only 9 exploration wells drilled in the last 10 years. Yet, a number of proven and emerging play types together with world class source rocks can now be demonstrated. Recent assessments of yet-to-find resource potential based on petroleum systems analysis indicate in excess of 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent for these basins, on a risked reserve basis.

With playopening discoveries such as Corrib (gas) and Dooish (gas/condensate), these basins show promising potential which can be effectively and efficiently explored using modern technology and evaluation methods. As such, Atlantic Ireland is one of the few remaining regions in the North Atlantic offering opportunities to explore and develop major hydrocarbon resources. The conference will have plenary sessions on day one (8 November) which will take a strategic view of Atlantic Ireland as a petroleum province. The conference will be addressed by Minister Noel Dempsey, TD, Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources.The opening plenary session will be chaired by Martin Brennan (DCMNR). Noel Murphy (Petroleum Affairs Division) will put Ireland’s petroleum exploration efforts in a wider energy context. Pete Stark (IHS Inc) will deliver an overview of the international E&P environment and how North Atlantic plays look increasingly promising. Professor Patrick Shannon will review exploration in Irish waters and look at some of the key drivers going forward for further exploiting Ireland’s hydrocarbon potential.There will then be a plenary session placing Ireland's petroleum systems in a wider North Atlantic system context.

There will be speakers from exploration companies, consultancies and research organisations active in Ireland, Norway, Canada and the UK. Speakers will include Michael Enachescu (Memorial University), Gareth Allinson (Statoil UK Limited) and David Mudge (Ternan Limited). The afternoon plenary session will focus on Exploration to Market issues and will include present actions on licensing and permitting, strategic environmental assessment and the role of the offshore sector. There will be three workshops during the conference - one in the afternoon of day 1 (8th November) and two in the morning of day 2 (9th November).Workshop - Irish Petroleum Prospects. This workshop will address the range of opportunities that exist for involvement in exploration offshore Ireland and will allow detailed presentations of some of the prospects currently being marketed. It will examine overall exploration opportunities in Irish waters as well as looking at development scenarios and economics for Irish oil and gas resources.

In addition to the programmed speakers, it is intended to allocate space/time during the afternoon sessions for other speakers with farm-out opportunities to profile their offerings. Workshop - Improved Seismic ImagingSeismic quality issues will be examined along with acquisition and processing solutions now available to improve imaging. Opportunities for linkage with other joint industry research programmes involving sub-basalt imaging will also be examined e.g. FORCE in Norway.Workshop - North Atlantic Petroleum Systems ResearchThis workshop will build on the international co-operation established in 2005 - NAPSA (North Atlantic Petroleum Systems Assessment group) - by identifying strategic research projects of mutual interest to the exploration industry and research community on both sides of the Atlantic.Online booking:

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