The Geo People

Here are some questions that we think you might want to ask us, or indeed, any energy consultancy. If you have any questions that are not here, that you would like to talk over, please call us on +44 (0)1432 345696 or email us.

How should I contact you?
By telephone is fine, but it's also good to have a record of what's been said. Face-to-face is important for debriefs and introductions and we do as much of this as possible. We are usually in London at the PESGB meetings — on the second Tuesday of each month at the Geological Society in Burlington House. We are contactable 24x7 in case of emergencies out in the field.

Do you communicate frequently with consultants in the field?
Yes, this is important to us, and you, so that we know about potential issues early on. More often now, our surveys take place in ever more remote regions and the telecoms are sometimes not as reliable, but we do our best; and likewise, we ask our consultants to communicate with us.

Are you well known in the industry?
In addition to The Geo People being the UK's second oldest seismic QC consultancy, our Operations Director, Dr Andrea Collins, has served as Secretary of the International Exploration Consultancy Organisation (IECO) — meaning that both our many clients and the consultancies know her. Andrea has given many presentations at IECO seminars as well as at MEOS and the SEG conferences. In summary, The Geo People is a fully integrated contributor to the oil and gas exploration and renewables markets.

Who are your typical clients?
Our clients range from large operators, such as Shell and Total, to smaller operators, who usually require complete project management. One reason why large operators like to work with us, is because if a consultant needs to be changed at short notice, The Geo People will quickly and easily provide a suitable replacement.

Do you get things done on time?
Preparation is our key to success. When a marine mobilisation is due, large blocks of time are reserved to allow for delays in survey start. We aim to deliver final reports within two weeks of the end of the project ideally, with a face-to-face meeting, because we are proud of our efforts.

Can you get visas for all the countries I need?
Yes. We have a network of visa agencies around the world.

How long has The Geo People been operating?
We were pleased to celebrate our tenth anniversary in December 2015.

Can you get the job done?
Have a look at our track record. During and after each project we ask for feedback. It is important for us to discuss the project, so that we can help you. Our repeat business record is very good — once we start working with a client, we usually continue to do so for a very long time.

What types of consultants do you have?
Navigation, survey and seismic processing QC, seismic processing management, seismic acquisition QC, site survey QC, MMO and PAM for VSP, explosives, seismic and piling, HSSE, project management for land and marine seismic, UXO surveys around windfarms, UXO deactivation, cable repair, cable laying and rock placement for cables.

Do you have people skills, as well as technical skills?
Absolutely. Having many years of experience in the field, means we understand what it's like to be alone in a challenging environment. We therefore ensure that our clients and our consultants are offered all the support necessary for successful project completion.

Are your consultants insured?
Yes. Employer’s liability GBP 5,000,000 (offshore and terrorism) and GBP 10,000,000 (onshore). General third party GBP 5,000,000 (public and products). Travel insurance and Medivac.

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