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Software supplied by The Geo People for projects is used to:

  • verify the contractor’s software as many algorithms are used in these processes
  • check the process is being carried out properly through data comparison. It would take an impossibly long time to process this information by hand and large volumes of data are acquired for seismic surveys. Software is therefore used to process and QC (check the quality of) the data quickly and cost-effectively

The Geo People supplies a full range of QC software for use in both the field and in the office or processing house. Whatever project type you are choosing, there is usually software to benefit your project in some way. 

Customising your options will usually produce the most efficient system, because it will support your specific needs. Because our customisation process is built on solid foundations, in terms of the options already familiar to us, it does not therefore require further development, time or cost.

Navigation processing QC

It is important that navigation data are processed in near real time so that any incorrect acquisition parameters can be altered quickly. Having to re-shoot data is very expensive and may not be possible due to seismic acquisition window constraints. For example, when the gun string separation is physically set differently to what is required in the contract, it can be detected fairly soon after the line using navigation processing QC software. The nominal range for the gun string separation put into the software and entered as per contract would show that physically the gun strings are in the wrong place. The strings can then be brought in and re-deployed with the correct offsets during the next line change, losing as little time as possible.

Seismic data processing QC

Processing routines generally fall into one of the following categories: enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio; providing sound velocity information in the various substrates; collapsing diffractions and placing dipping events in their true subsurface locations (migration); and increasing resolution (wavelet processing). In the field, geometry QC and first break picking are the main processing elements. Geometry QC is carried out to check the relative placement of the receivers and sources and first break picks are used to study the near-surface low-velocity zone and subsequent determination of static corrections in land seismic. Seismic field QC processing, commonly only follows through to brute stack but there are tools available for more sophisticated QC requirements, including post-stack migration.

Reporting & management

Reports are required throughout and at the end of any survey. Reporting software ensures that everything that should go into a report is present so that critical information is not omitted. Reports are tailored to the client's requirements whilst ensuring that all essential information is present. Statistical analysis of time and production is a key component of reporting software and, together with the information displays, informs the users, who may be present at multiple locations, of the survey's progress for planning purposes.

What is the right option?

Supplying the right software to you forms part of our complete QC service, in which efficient use of expenditure can provide the highest standards of QC.

Our advice on selecting the correct software is completely impartial and independent. Our consultants are experienced with a wide range of software and reporting tools for QC in various seismic operations. The choice of software is determined by various factors, including

  • crew experience
  • survey acquisition methodology
  • substructure to be imaged
  • cost
  • client input

Suitablity of software products for specific projects will be clearly discussed with our client as a part of our process.

In addition, we can usually negotiate exclusive rates for our clients, making it worthwhile for you to purchase your software through us.


Please find below, a list of the software products we presently offer:

Navigation processing QC (towed streamer and OBC)

  • GeoMetis MX
  • GeoMetis BX
  • GeoMetis PXCheck
  • FGPS SeisPOS
  • FGPS P1Tools
  • FGPS SEGY Tools
  • FGPS SurvUtil

Seismic processing QC

  • Halliburton ProMAX
  • GLOBE Claritas
  • Paradigm Echos
  • Schlumberger Vista

Seismic reporting

  • CheckPoint
  • MultiSeis
  • MultiSeis Tracker
  • MultiStudio QC
  • MultiSeis Project Manager

PAM (passive acoustic monitoring)

  • PAMGuard

MMO, MFO & PSO reporting

  • CheckPoint

Survey QC (land and TZ)

  • GPSeismic
  • FGPS SurvUtil
  • GeoMetis
  • SPSCheck

GIS mapping & exploration

  • ArcGIS
  • ArcPAD
  • ArcVIEW (compatible with GPSeismic)

HSSE reporting

  • CheckPoint
  • MultiSeis Project Manager
  • MultiStudio QC

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