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About us

Why choose us?

We believe there are many good reasons for you to want to choose us for your energy consultancy requirements – we've listed five belowGet in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements. We think it'll give you further reasons for wanting to work with us.

  • We make it simple
    Business simplification is a strategic imperative for today’s companies. You hire us to simplify your project QC and our aim is to make this process as easy as possible for you. A lot of effort and complex thinking goes into making the outcome simple for our clients and consultants – for example, one of our clients needed reporting software compatible with MS Excel (not standard issue), so we negotiated with a software provider and consequently were able to provide it – at a reasonable cost.

  • We are efficient
    When assessing costs, it's important to remember that there's more than money at stake: cost is time, quality, and goodwill. Being efficient in business means making choices that benefit one sector of a business without (unintentionally) taking from another. Knowing the steps to take, and the tools to use to make our business more efficient, will help us to get the best results at the lowest cost. For example, for our project in offshore Gabon in 2015, we met with the client before, during and after the survey to ensure the full exchange of information through relaxed discussions. It takes more effort than using telephone and email, but it delivers 100% efficiency in terms of information transfer.

  • We innovate
    We innovate all processes continually, as part of our business model. Our website is innovative, but just as importantly, we innovate behind the scenes in the development of areas such as personnel data and QC fault finding software systems. We pass on our innovative ideas to our clients and suppliers and have seen them implemented. For example, we initiated the idea of standardising HSSE certifications, explaining that NEBOSH certifications were the way forward as a standard certification for HSSE consultants – now everyone is doing it; and after our own contribution, MMO and PAM courses now talk about prioritising professionalism. They make it clear that the energy industry is a small world. Your actions are noticed very quickly.

  • We have more know-how than (almost) anybody
    We are technical experts. Having been there and done it in the field, we know our seismic and we know how to pick the best people. Our expertise means that we peer-review client reports to the highest technical standard – for example, as well as proofreading, we will also check carefully each report for potential technical ambiguities, referring back to the author for extra clarity.

  • People want to work with us  
    Our clients and consultants enjoy working with us (you are welcome to ask them) and everything we do is to strengthen the relationships we have. Seismic QC is a tough job and it requires tough people. We started The Geo People, by carefully assembling our team of experts through recommendation only; we know them all very well. This continues during operations  for example, prior to mobilisation we pre-brief consultants on their well-being and then when mobilised, we are ready 24/7 to respond quickly to any issue, big or small.


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