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Andrea Collins

Hydrocarbons Director

A British national, Dr Andrea Collins joined The Geo People in 2005.

Andrea was awarded an MSc in Applied Geophysics from the University of Birmingham (UK) in 1991. She was subsequently appointed as a staff geophysicist by Western Geophysical in London, before going offshore for Western as a navigation processor and later, a seismic processing QC, working out of West Africa, Middle East, GoM, and the North Sea. Andrea then designed and implemented marine and land surveys for Western’s UK office, before relocating to the United States to continue that role in Houston, TX. On her return to the UK, Andrea was appointed by Western Geophysical to be Supervisor of the M/V Western Patriot.

In 1998, Andrea was recruited as Chief of Operations for Energy Innovations Ltd (EIL), based in Surrey, UK. Following the merger of EIL and Exploration Consultants Limited (ECL), Andrea was appointed by ECL as Head of Seismic Operations.

Andrea became a director of The Geo People in 2005, responsible for technical and commercial client proposals and tenders. She also plays a major role in developing the operational and logistics areas of the business, as well as undertaking technical review and support for a wide range of operational issues and for clients' final reports.

The Geo People became a founding member of IECO (International Energy Consultants Organisation) in 2007.  Andrea was elected as IECO Secretary in 2008 and subsequently led IECO seminars, highlighting the importance of seismic QC and debating current issues within the industry. Andrea continues to lecture around the world on seismic consultancy QA.

In 2016, Andrea was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mechanical Engineering from Brunel University, London.


David Windsor

IT Director

A British national, David joined The Geo People as a director in 2005.

David gained an MA from the University of Aberdeen (UK) and in 1997, was appointed by IBM (United Kingdom) Limited to provide ICT services to Deutsche Bank (City of London) Equities and Global Markets trading areas.

In 2001, David was awarded an MSc in E-Business (Economics & Technology) from Birkbeck, University of London, with research on the growth of online intermediaries in the B2B sector. David subsequently took on a range of project management roles for Deutsche Bank Global Markets' MIS infrastructure.

David was appointed as a director of The Geo People in 2005 to create an innovative, efficient, and robust business platform upon which to develop the company.

In 2015, David acquired responsibility for The Geo People's expanding renewable energies services.

Within renewables, HSSE supervision forms a critical part of the construction, transport and installation phases, including heavy/atypical lifts, working at height, rotating equipment, surveys, diving, ROVs, mob/demobs, cable laying, jackets and topsides of different shapes and weights, and extreme environment and environmental issues.

David has established strong links with many clients from the offshore wind industry to provide them with expertise in HSSE, site surveys, MMO and PAM and survey/positioning available presently to the seismic/hydrocarbons sector.


Leslie Greenhalgh


Leslie is a British national, who participates readily in any research being undertaken by The Geo People and is a good contact for all matters relating to HSSE.

NEBOSH qualified, versatile and decisive, a professional health and safety operations manager and client representative whose experience covers a wide range of management expertise in health and safety, training, logistics and security management in seismic, operating in a variety of environments. Leslie’s specialist training in the military enables him to use his experience to offer advice when completing risk assessments where EOD or security may be a factor within area operations including risk assessments for maritime and land-based seismic. Leslie’s excellent interpersonal skills have been developed in stressful and competitive working conditions. An excellent motivator and role model who maintains a professional and disciplined manner. Leslie was the health and safety advisor for IMC Geophysics International for all seismic and geotechnical operations within the UK and extensively on operations in Africa, conducting audits and ensuring that good safety practices are used within the workplace. A client representative for the last 12 years ensuring that the subcontractors' method statements and HSE management systems comply with the client’s expectations.


Paul Lenfant

Seismic Project Manager

Paul is a French national, who has worked with The Geo People on several land seismic projects, both as an acquisition QC and as a project manager, representing Shell (he was recently awarded a letter of commendation from Shell, for his work with an especially challenging crew).

Paul has an MSc in Geophysics, more than 38 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, eight years of experience as a client representative in seismic acquisition quality control and HSE, four years of seismic processing experience, two years working in data management and was a party chief for 18 years.

Paul is an independently minded consultant whilst still offering the hands-on capability so often required. He has previously project managed for four years, his responsibilities including participation in tender committees, preparation of contract tender documents, bid evaluation, monitoring survey progress, liaising with onboard QC personnel on survey quality and operational matters, compiling survey statistics for internal/external reporting, planning and preparation for seismic land acquisition, 2D, 3D, transition zone operations using both dynamite and Vibroseis sources. Paul is presently an operations manager, geophysical advisor and seismic QC for all land, transition zone and marine data acquisition methods, in all environments and terrains.


Robert Bennett


A British national, Robert Bennett joined The Geo People in 2012.

Robert is a NEBOSH qualified Senior HSE QC as well as a PADI dive master and has a Fire Manager Advanced Diploma. He has over 35 years’ experience on and offshore in the oil and renewable industries, in wind/solar farm construction, seismic survey, vessel management, cable lay/ROV, site management and construction. The past eight years has been focusing on the HSEQ and Auditing aspect of offshore work. A fully rounded HSEQ Manager/Advisor, auditing and management professional with recent training in Client Representation offshore.

Recently, in addition to carrying out duties as an HSSE consultant for The Geo People, Robert carried out a large vessel HSSE audit on the R/V Ramform Tethys offshore Egypt.

Robert (aka 'Ben' to friends/colleagues) is a dedicated and driven professional who believes that the continual training of personnel is key to offering the Client the expertise and knowledge required for a safe working environment. He is a Tech IOSH, a certified Marine Warranty Surveyor for Lloyds, and holds accreditation for 9001/18001 IRCA.

Robert is committed to environmental awareness and wherever possible, will induct and educate industries and personnel. He has gained Environmental Specialist certification from OSHA, NEBOSH Environmental Management and has Lead Auditor status with ISO 14001.

Awarded Associate status with IEMA. To compliment his environmental skill base, Robert is a Marine Mammal Observer in both the UK/USA and is a Passive Acoustic Monitor.


Graham Genge

Seismic Processing Supervisor

Graham is a Canadian national, who has worked recently with The Geo People on an extended project, working tirelessly as onboard seismic processing QC and then moving onwards to China to supervise the seismic processing. 

Graham attained a first class degree in mathematics and has acquired more than 31 years of experience in exploration geophysics, with the majority of this experience in seismic processing. Graham's consulting work includes supervision of office-based processing of 2D and 3D data in Nigeria, Libya, Sudan, China and the USA, oversight of onboard 3D processing and responsibility for infield 3D processing in Algeria and Iraq. Graham supervises office-based testing and processing including data regularisation, high-resolution Radon de-multiple, migration testing and velocity analysis, PSTM and post-migration processing.

Previously an area geophysicist for land and OBC projects in Aramco’s Technical Services group, Graham has supervised all aspects of seismic and navigation acquisition, representing the client’s interest in both data quality and acceptability. He also conducts full vessel HSE audits. His responsibilities as an on-board client representative include ensuring the quality of seismic and navigation data for both 2D and 3D towed streamer acquisition and for marine site-surveys.

In addition, Graham has many years of hands-on office-based processing experience in Canada, Albania, Indonesia and Libya.


Robert Falls


Rob is a British national, whose most recent project with The Geo People was with BP on a challenging hot desert land survey. He has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas seismic industry, working in desert, rural, urban, tropical bush and offshore shallow marine and transition zone environments. 

He has held various roles: management, administration, logistics and health & safety as a consultant, trainer, crew safety advisor, party manager and administrator with an emphasis on land transport operations. Rob is used to working with many nationalities and cultures and has country experience in Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, France, FSU, Indonesia, Italy, Iraq, Kenya, Kurdistan, Libya, Oman, UK, USA, UAE, Sudan, Swaziland, Turkmenistan and Venezuela. An experienced HSE QC whose background as a field crew safety advisor involved: designing and implementing crew health, safety and environmental management systems, audit programs and safe working procedures. He has conducted specific training programs such as HSE management, vehicle fleet management, driver assessment and training and is also a trained IAGC paramedic.

Rob is fully computer literate and adept at report writing procedures, accident investigation, risk analysis and monthly statistical reports. He is a level headed and practical individual with enhanced inter-personal skills and with proven instructional and assessment experience. Rob holds a current medical fitness certificate.


Rashid Khan


Rashid is a Pakistan national, who has worked on both OBC and land projects for Shell with The Geo People.

He is a chief geomatics surveyor/client rep (positioning and navigation QC) and consultant geomatician. A RICS member with over 30 years of experience in land, transition zone, OBC and towed streamer seismic surveys, industrial building, civil engineering, and pipeline surveys throughout the Middle East, Far East, Pakistan and North Africa, Europe and South America, including satellite imagery processing and execution of geographic information systems. Rashid is experienced in multicultural environments, manages large teams, frequently in harsh conditions and is familiar with meeting tight timescales to budget. Key skills include: practical common sense; honesty and integrity; energy and enthusiasm; an ability to listen, understand and communicate with different nationalities and cultures; an open mind; a lot of patience; a competence to find collaborative solutions in complex working environments. Rashid has represented Shell, BP, Statoil, Petronas and Petrotrin.

In 2015, Rashid was awarded the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety and is looking to gain experience as an HSSE advisor on marine and land crews.


John Coppock


John is British national and a qualified marine mammal observer with an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection. John has worked with The Geo People on many projects as an MMO and is always ready to provide feedback for us. He readily provides advice to other MMOs and really enjoys his work and has always been accommodating when a project over-runs.

Over 20 years of experience with design and carrying out marine surveys including water quality evaluation, core and grab sampling, seismic surveys, acoustic surveys, fisheries, biotope mapping and cetacean surveys. Ten years of experience with identification and enumeration of benthic samples and analysis of benthic communities from UK waters, Arabian Gulf and East Africa. Ten years of experience with fisheries surveys, evaluation, impact assessment and compensation issues, determining the economic and biological effects on fisheries and marine ecology of oil and gas developments, aggregate dredging, beach nourishment and civil engineering projects. Aquaculture consultancy experience involving damage assessment, advice, monitoring and compensation issues for mussel and oyster culture. A managing director in the international fish/shellfish trade, buying shellfish in Wales, Scotland and Ireland and exporting them to France, Spain and Holland. Four years commercial fishing experience in the Irish Sea.


Niels Wijntjes

Site Survey Project Manager

Niels, a Dutch national, is an independent acquisition QC with an MSc in Marine Geology, Geophysics and Meteorology.

His most recent survey with The Geo People was on a site survey for Shell in offshore Iraq. Niels has represented many clients, include Maersk, Total, Shell, Statoil and DONG Energy, across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America and Russia. Niels has been involved in marine survey operations for over 24 years and has wide-ranging experience in the application and operation of survey and investigation techniques.

Niels project manages and supervises marine survey operations for cable and pipeline routes, offshore installations and environmental related projects, his experience embracing geophysical, hydrographical and oceanographic techniques. Niels background in marine geology and geophysical studies provides a comprehensive understanding of the marine environment and his knowledge of meteorology has provided him with a unique perception of the difficulties of operating in sub-sea conditions. Niels is also an onshore project manager, client representative and senior geophysicist for cable and pipeline route surveys and installations, including landfalls/ engineering surveys, construction, geotechnical and UXO surveys, shallow and deep boreholes, digital and analogue rig site surveys, inshore wind-park surveys, route desk studies, and oceanographic projects.


Ron Weissinger


Ron is a United States national, with whom The Geo People has worked on several projects including transition zone, ocean bottom cable and land seismic projects, each with their own unique challenges. 

Never phased by anything and always positive, Ron has over 25 years of worldwide surveying/positioning and outdoor experience; initially employed to teach mountaineering and outdoor skills, exploring and surveying caves, staking mineral claims in the western United States. His experience with seismic surveys includes roles as a chainman, instrument man, party chief and project surveyor for 2D and 3D surveys in all terrains including desert, arctic, transition zone, mountain, swamp, jungle, ocean bottom cable and streamer. Source experience includes: helicopter-supported shot-hole, Vibroseis, and surface shot energy sources.

Latterly involved in technical, QC supervisory and survey management aspects of oil/gas exploration. Extensive experience in onshore/offshore 3D seismic positioning QA/QC management; land and marine positioning; and survey/navigation data analysis/management. His responsibilities have included supervision, troubleshooting, QA/QC checks, and technical audits, costing breakdowns. Accustomed to the hands-on demands of working in adverse field conditions and to contractually exacting technical standards, as well as time and budgetary constraints. Experienced with analogue and digital high resolution site surveys, jack-up and semi-submersible moves and verifications and post-drilling/offshore rig debris surveys. Clients he has represented include Shell, Chevron, Petronas, BG and BHP.


Rob Kennedy

Seismic Project Manager

Rob is a British and Canadian national, who has completed several complex projects for The Geo People and provides a complete set of operational management services inclusive of initial scouting, project budgeting, bid tender operations, pre-bidding audits of contractors, bid assessment, selection of contractors and contract negotiations.

His operational skill set is very diverse, ranging from heli-portable and 3D jungle operations, to large 3D OBC acquisition surveys, transition zone, high channel 3D Vibroseis desert operation crews, dynamite, and nodal projects for shale gas plays, as well as extensive experience as lead QC and HSE supervision in land operations in desert, mountain, plain, jungle and swamp environments. In additon, Rob has several years experience with TZ and OBC surveys in some of the most challenging project areas and has spent many years in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

The clients Rob has represented include Shell, BP, Aramco, Total, OMV, Chevron, Cairn and Santos. Rob keeps up-to-date by training on all technical aspects of recording including nodal acquisition and ISSN practices. He uses the latest software to QC all aspects of seismic surveys on a daily basis and has ArcGIS and survey design knowledge for both 2D and 3D survey design.


Moira Moore

MMO & PAM Operator

Moira, a British national, is a trusted MMO and PAM operator with a demonstrable ability to get on with people. 
She has the skill sets to troubleshoot when required, as she is very IT aware, an absolute requirement when operating PAM equipment. Moira has been lead MMO/PAM for The Geo People on four projects in 2014 and either lead or only MMO on all the projects she has completed in 2013.

She has set up MSeis PAM equipment on numerous occasions in the field and taken responsibilty for packing up and checking inventories. Moira has excellent computer skills, is numerate, highly organised and quick to learn with a good sense of humour. Moira has worked with many clients including Shell, Statoil and Total for 2D, 3D, 4D seismic, ocean bottom cable (OBC), piling operations and pipe laying projects.

Moira is experienced with seal and otter monitoring and has won an environmental award for her good work. She is interested in sailing and has completed courses up to and including Coastal Skipper through the RYA route. She has sailed in the UK and abroad and has over 13,000 nautical miles logged, including crossing the Atlantic.


Tim Coates


Tim is an Australian national, who, in addition to his having a degree and being a very experienced surveyor, has worked as a joint acquisition QC and navigation QC for The Geo People, bridging the gaps when necessary. Tim is also a project manager and/or department manager engaged in the planning, execution, data processing, supervision, management, quality control and reporting of surveys, both offshore and onshore. 

His experience is primarily with the navigation side of acquisition plus some acquisition QC experience. The former includes general hydrographic, engineering and oceanographic surveys, positioning and quality assurance for deep water, shallow water and transition zone 2D and 3D OBC seismic surveys, rig and construction barge positioning, land seismic, mineral exploration, primary GPS control surveys, and general land surveys using both GPS and conventional land survey techniques.

Tim has experience in swathe bathymetry processing and using swathe to visualise and confirm seabed features. He is proficient with software such as Geosoft Oasis montage, Golden Software Surfer, QPS QINSy 7, Terramodel, Geometis MX, FGPS SeisPos and P1 Tools, MultiSeis (Classic, Project Manager, MultiStudio, Multiplot and Surveywide) as well as various other proprietary packages.


Jerry Windham

Seismic Acquisition QC

Jerry is a United States national, with over 40 years of worldwide geophysical data acquisition experience. He has worked with The Geo People on land and OBC projects, and in acquisition QC roles. 

He has a natural ability to get on with people and has worked in some very challenging environments. His experience began in 1969 with Geophysical Service working on a shot-hole seismic crew in the southern USA. Subsequently, Jerry worked worldwide for GSI for 20 years on 2D and 3D towed streamer, land, shallow water (OBC), transition zone (TZ), jungle, heli-portable, hot desert, arctic and urban seismic surveys. He has over 18 years of experience as a client representative for QC, QA and seismic field processing using ProMAX, SeisNavQC, Max3D, Verify, ApexPro and MicroMAX software for 2D and 3D projects worldwide. Experienced in all aspects of project management, marine and land, 2D/3D acquisition and survey planning. Jerry is competent in the use of 3D geometry and design packages, namely OMNI and MESA Core and designs linear and non-linear vibroseis sweeps using Pelton software.

He has represented clients such as Shell, Repsol, Occidental and Anadarco, working in the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.


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