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2D towed streamer seismic acquisition, Oman

Client: Oil and gas exploration and production company
Topic: HSSE audit, seismic and navigation processing QC for 2D towed streamer seismic



  • Acquisition of a 2D towed streamer seismic data inshore and offshore Oman
  • Quality assurance services in the form of seismic acquisition QC combined both seismic and navigation processing QC required
  • A full HSSE audit and vessel inspection required prior to start up


  • Close proximity to the shore
  • Security and possible unwanted boarding
  • Shallow rocky sea floor
  • Communication with local fishing vessels especially at night time
  • Negotiation of several islands


  • Security drills for this survey
  • Magnetometer and marine gravity data assessed for quality
  • The Geo People supplied a full HSSE audit and vessel inspection of the mother vessel and the chase boats while the vessels were alongside in port
  • Quality control of the contractor’s procedures
  • Quality control of the seismic data
  • Quality control of the navigation processing


  • Safe acquisition of accurately positioned seismic data
  • No Lost Time Incidents (LTIs)
  • No other work related incident or injury
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