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3D transition zone seismic positioning QC, Trinidad & Tobago

Client: Major oil company
Topic: Positioning QC for 3D transition zone seismic


To provide independent navigation QC services for a 3D transition zone (TZ) survey offshore Trinidad


  • Shallow water depths
  • Manoeuvring around structures
  • Fishing vessels
  • Cargo vessels, recreational ships and ferries travelling in and out of the local ports


  • Full QC of the positioning data,
  • Approval of all navigation procedures, equipment tests, survey network control reports, vessel offset diagrams, dGPS antennae positions relative to a known datum prior to commencement of operations
  • Survey of the calibration points
  • Comparison of pre-plot and seabed ‘pinged’ locations to report any comparisons out of tolerance
  • Independently check of all start-up verification procedures, acoustic positioning reports, preliminary and final SPS data prior to the final acceptance as deliverables
  • Daily reports submitted to the client detailing meetings attended and information requested and received between departments
  • Quality control comments on technical issues, field visits and HSE observations, START cards submissions and photographs


Successful acquisition of accurately positioned transition zone seismic data in a location where there were many obstructions and vessels to negotiate

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