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Site survey and well-head search, Angola

Client: Multinational oil and gas exploration company
Topic: Seismic QC, navigation QC, HSEQC and site survey QC for site survey and well-head search



To provide data acquisition quality assurance/technical representation and HSE QC for a hydrographic and geophysical site survey, offshore Angola


  • Unpredictable currents
  • Thermal layering
  • Numerous datums used for the positions of the well heads


  • Provide quality control for a well head survey to accurately determine the position of several well heads
  • QC the bathymetry data at the well head locations and surrounding area to look for evidence of previous rig occupation at the sites or other hazards
  • QC the accurate mapping of the results onboard
  • QC of navigation processing data
  • QC of seismic processing data
  • HSE QC
  • Produce a digital terrain model (DTM) to reduce the risk of harm to personnel, equipment and to protect the natural environment


  • The positioning of all the well heads
  • Acquisition of accurate bathymetry data at the well locations and surrounding area
  • Accurately positioned surface and subsurface seismic data
  • Final processed digital terrain model (DTM)
  • Within two weeks of demobilisation, final site survey report delivered to client
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